How does the media and the culture impact YOU?

How does the media and culture impact YOU? Day One of M.S. 20

1. The media impacts the way I see my body. If it’s not one person saying, “you’re to thin, go eat a burger” it’s another person asking me if I’m anorexic. The media honestly confuses me because you’ll see things like: “If you’re skinny, you’re not going far. You have to be curvy and large to be loved and wanted!” but then other places will say the exact opposite. Why should our bodies DEFINE who we are? I’ve learned to not allow media to take a toll on how I act, and look but words can still break a person down physiologically.

2. What I eat, and where i eat it. When I go on social media, lets use instagram from example, & the health gurus I follow. They make non-sugary, healthy foods look so good! This influenced me to eat as healthy as possible — and yes that DOES include the disgusting kale smoothies every now and then! Now because I am a petite person I often get told (yes told not asked) to eat more unhealthy foods to gain weight in a unhealthy manor. This effects where I eat and who I eat around. Due to the obnoxious gestures of others it truly makes me fear what those around me think.

3. Media pushed me to focus on my studies. When I was no older than thirteen I was browsing through a magazine, at the time I hated school, with a great passion. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to move to some sort of big city, and make movies. Little did I know all the work it would take to get there. Anyways, I came across a ad in the magazine that labeled itself “NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY. Learn by doing”. To me, this was a sign, a sign from God. The minute I saw that ad I ripped it out the of magazine and posted it on my wall. I went on my computer and researched everything I could about this university. I knew if I wanted to get there, my grades would have to sky rocket within the next 5 years or there would be no hope. Needless to say, a simple ad in a magazine changed my mind on how I viewed school.

4. Media shows me how much good is in our world. Now many people with disagree with that statement right there, no questions asked. However, if you really dig deep into news, listen to radio shows, or even read a internet article you’re going to realize how much good there is. I suffered from depression, and still deal with anxiety, and post traumatic depression, at a point in my life I didn’t want to live, and I still have my bad days. But without social media, music, and the culture around me, I don’t think I would be alive to see today. Over the years I’ve made amazing friends over the internet, who’ve helped me get passed rough patches, read some encouraging things, listened to some great bands and brought myself back up. I find that people like to lemon-coat (opposite of sugar-coat, cause it’s so sour) the negativity in the world. They like to show that, and only that. What about the good? How come the man who saved so many from suicide ( didn’t make as big of a headline as the man who killed 8 people did ( We as a society need to start focusing on the good instead of the bad. When we focus on the good it will outbalance the bad.

Warren Pryor – Poem Break Down

“Warren Pryor” by Alden Nowlan

Who is the speaker?

The speaker is in third point of view, most likely a person who knew the main character or the family very well.

What is the subject?

The subject is based on “breaking free”

What is the tone?

It makes me feel sad, and compassionate for him; thoughtful, vulnerable, sympathetic.

What is the mood?

This poem makes me feel sad. It reminds me of trying to break free from the flow of what others want from him but being tied down after trying to escape.

What images are dominant? Why?

“When every pencil meant a sacrifice his parents boarded him at school in town”. They wanted the boy to be like others. All he wants is to do art. To draw, to paint, but his parents see that as nonsense and try and force him to be like other kids.

“And he said nothing. Hard and serious like a young bear inside his teller’s cage” The main character has gotten so use to being, so called “brain wash” he hides his emotions, and tries to forget what he truly wants out of life.

What is the theme?

The theme is based on false hope and suffering. The purpose is to show us you can still smile when you’re suffering. If you do not do what makes you happy, and simply live to please others, you will always be miserable.

What is the figurative language?

They use imagery in the majority of the poem.

Elastic Hearts- Sia (Analysis)

Day Two: Elastic Hearts Analysis

Everything about this music video is on point. The emotion is expressed so well through choreography it’s mesmerizing. I see this song about two lovers, the woman is younger than the man by many years. It displays the feelings of heart break and pain through dance. The girl, she’s insecure, broken, this messes with her mind. She meets this older man, immediately taken away by his soul as a living being. Everything is okay again. She feels things she never felt before, but like the lyrics, “And I wanted it, I wanted it bad
But there were so many red flags” she doesn’t know what coming at her. He forces her to do things she doesn’t want to do in the moment, but looks back on it later as a way to free her. Every kiss, every touch, every movement, awakens her from within. She’s dumbfounded in love with a man who wants nothing from her but her body. When she wants the soul, he just wants the physical touch of her. As soon as she figures this out she’s broken all over again. “Oh why can’t I conquer love?” it’s a question she will ask her self again and again, because although she knows he’s going to break her, she keeps going back for more because he filled a part of her that was never filled before. He held her down like a anchor, not letting her sink. Even though he didn’t care, she still loved him with all her broken pieces. The last time he let’s go it shatters her. She goes into a rampage, of lust, love and stupidity. Even though she keeps going back for more, she knows she’s strong enough to deal with the pain,  She won’t let this break her this time, this time around she’ll fight for peace. This time around she won’t let him in. Now although she may fight her hardest she still feels pain.

Analysis #2

Now if you look at this in a physiological perspective you will see the man as the girls emotions. Or I see it as her Traumatic Depression. She uses metaphors, comparing a actual man and woman battling with her own emotional battle. She keeps taking hits and getting weaker, and another piece of her breaks off. People keep walking out on her life, destroying her emotionally. She has no support, no one to lean onto because everyone has left her. Nothing exists anymore, but her and her emotions. She’s been damaged, but she did not let them break her and she’s still fighting for peace- peace within herself.  Now although her skin is thick, her heart is an elastic – when you pull on it, it brings you closer, clashing against her heart, causing more and more pain. The lyrics aren’t talking about life and death. They’re talking about liveness. Bringing her emotions back to her, like she does when she’s drawing the man out of the cage. She has turned her own struggles into a person, because it’s easier to see your problems as a troubled friend, by doing this it’s easier to build them up or break them down. Personally, I see the man as a mental illness; in which it isn’t defined by two opposite and contending halves as much as it’s a parasitic.