Warren Pryor – Poem Break Down

“Warren Pryor” by Alden Nowlan

Who is the speaker?

The speaker is in third point of view, most likely a person who knew the main character or the family very well.

What is the subject?

The subject is based on “breaking free”

What is the tone?

It makes me feel sad, and compassionate for him; thoughtful, vulnerable, sympathetic.

What is the mood?

This poem makes me feel sad. It reminds me of trying to break free from the flow of what others want from him but being tied down after trying to escape.

What images are dominant? Why?

“When every pencil meant a sacrifice his parents boarded him at school in town”. They wanted the boy to be like others. All he wants is to do art. To draw, to paint, but his parents see that as nonsense and try and force him to be like other kids.

“And he said nothing. Hard and serious like a young bear inside his teller’s cage” The main character has gotten so use to being, so called “brain wash” he hides his emotions, and tries to forget what he truly wants out of life.

What is the theme?

The theme is based on false hope and suffering. The purpose is to show us you can still smile when you’re suffering. If you do not do what makes you happy, and simply live to please others, you will always be miserable.

What is the figurative language?

They use imagery in the majority of the poem.

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