Media Studies 20

Media Profiles Project

What did I do for a week?


Where do you spend the majority of your time? The majority of my time is sleeping.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I personally think it’s a good thing, as then I’m not grouchy cause if I’m tired… I’m beyond grouchy, plus being a teenager we need more sleep than adults.

What could you do to improve this area to make your quality of life even better? I could sleep in a better position than the one i sleep in now.

What surprised you about the totals of where you spend your time? Because I totalled mine in minuted it amazed me how much time I spend on my phone and how little time I actually spend doing other things.
How many hours did you spend with family? I have a very set in stoned schedule for myself during the weekdays, I spent a total of 400 minutes (4 hours) with my family.

Who is raising YOU? I feel like the media has a big impact on my life, especially the people I talk to and the youtubers I watch. I do have a good relationship with my mother, but I find the media inspires me more than she does (not trying to be ignorant).

How do you think your media profile stacks up against other teenagers your age? Find someone and review their profile… I find that I spend a lot more time sleeping than “normal” teenagers”. I go to bed early and get up early. Also, due to being sick for a few days the week I profiled about, I spent more time than average on homework daily.

What was noticeable different? Why do you think? I spend more time with my friends and dog than I do with my family. I think this is because I’m away from home starting at 7:20 am till at least 7:00 pm at night, making it more complicated to see my mom and sisters where as I see my friends more often.
What was the same? I spend the exact same time eating breakfast as I do supper. In that one week, I spent exactly 4 hours face-timing friends, this is the exact same time I spent with my family.


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